Exposing a sociopath

The Internet makes it easy for one to lie about who he is, what he’s accomplished and where he’s been. It also makes it easy to expose someone who plays fast and loose with the truth.

If someone’s leaving a path of “broken hearts and empty wallets” in his or her wake, make it known to others. Help people avoid the suffering you’ve encountered.  Not many will heed your warnings, but there will be a few rescued. Sociopaths are good con men and can explain away almost anything to the satisfaction of someone whose heart and mind they control. I know of at least one woman who paid attention to my effort. There may be others who never bothered to contact me.

It’s especially useful if you can get access to criminal records.  These are all public records, unless the arrests or convictions took place before the individual was 18 (in the United States).

The truth is 100% defense against libel and slander.  Remember that.  Don’t say anything that can’t be proven as being the truth. Because the sociopath is someone who wants to “win,” you might find yourself in court if there’s any shred of non-truth to what you say. In my own case, everything I’ve said or written is backed up by court documents. Even though there have been indirect threats of legal action, it’s never happened.  And with good reason. It’s the truth and I can prove it.

I’m lucky, so-to-speak, because the sociopath who wreaked havoc in my life has an extensive arrest record. There are more than a few outstanding warrants. Any civil action against me would be a guarantee that EVERYTHING would come out.

If you can expose someone like this, do it.  Remember to tell the truth and use only FACTS that you can support. Research laws in your state that pertain to libel and slander (defamation) so you know what you can legally do.  If you have the resources, consult an attorney.

If your sociopath found you online, submit your story to Exposing Online Predators & Cyberpaths.

14 thoughts on “Exposing a sociopath

  1. Nikki says:

    Thank God for your website. I have a Sociopath who took advantage of me for 8 years, and I was too codependent to get out! He does have a very extensive criminal background across the states; Florida, Arizona, New York, and Lord knows where else! IF you Google his name “Brian Dunlop” mugshot, you will see his picture (just one mugshot; although there are hundreds that were not published with his arrests and convictions unfortunately). He lies, steals from me and his former jobs, has an addiction to porn and prostitutes (he is registered with at least 20 different sex sites, and I have proof of most of them in my possession), has drug and alcohol habits, leads his victims on while living off them because he can’t keep a job! His psychologist reports show that he is a “true” sociopath; listed as Anti-Social Personality Disorder (which I have a copy of as well). He was so charming and lead me on for so long, and now I could use some counseling to regain all my strength and self-confidence back. If only I would have realized and known about his personality disorder and evil cons sooner! Please warn all women possible from this real live sociopath. I should have known better when his own mother calls him a liar and a sociopath for years and even wrote this in her e-mails to me. He is very charming and nice on initial contact with me and other women, and by the time they realize he is a big fraud, they have wasted too much time and lost their confidence. This conman never reveals his true past or con, so many women are hurt and used and abused by him; not to mention scarred. Contact me via email, if you want to see my actual proof, and learn more facts of horror by this guy. Please list me as anonymous on your site, if you decide to post this monster in order to stop him from devouring other innocent and vulnerable women. I don’t trust him to try to flatten my tires or do even worse harm to me.

    Thanks a bunch!

  2. Ariel says:

    I was also marked by a sociopath and went into exile. He also cooperated with a somatic narcisssist female. I have all the evidences to prove what they did but I still have yet to be able to get a hold of arrest records. How do you do that. I have tried. Did you expose this person on a blog, you tube…?

    Thank you

    • documentarycharmed says:

      Do you know for sure that criminal records exist?

      Many locales now have them online. You just have to know where and when the arrest occurred.

      It helps if you know the history of these people. Where have they lived? Sometimes that’s difficult, because they lie so much. The SP I know said he lived in Jamaica and France, for example, but he was lying.

      Search online for court records. Trust only official state, county and municipal sites. The places that ask you to pay to look people up are usually a rup off. They have very limited info. Even some private investigators only have access to limited information.

      Also, some states don’t share their data, so you have to call the courts to see what their policies are. You might need to pay for records to be sent to you.

      Outing the people on the web could be risky. You have to understand that. If they’ve caused you physical harm or you can show financial loss, your best bet is to talk with your local law enforcement to see what can be done. My SP spent hours and hours a day for a few YEARS trying to come up with ways to “get” me. I did write a blog, where I published all of the arrest records I could find for him, and he did try to sue me, but his attorney wouldn’t even go forward with the case, saying that it wasn’t “nice” of me to do that, but it didn’t live up to the definition of libel.

      Just be very careful when dealing with these people. If you can avoid all contact, it’s better that way. It will take a long time, but you’ll eventually stop thinking about it. After several years, I don’t give a crap about this dude. He’s a middle aged drunken loser, and will eventually be an elderly drunken loser (if he lives that long), sitting in his own filth, because he won’t have anyone who cares enough about him to change his soiled diaper.

      So, my advice is, if you’re hurt in anyway, see law enforcement to take action. If not, try to move on. The pain will go away. And, just be careful you see the signs in new people you meet and avoid them like the plague if they’re anything like the others!

  3. Jack says:

    yes i had to deal with one for 2days we met for a weekend back in september 17th 2012 , a female sociopath who gave me alot of lies and rubbish and charmed me online, only to hurt me when we actually met, by trying bullying tactics and putdowns (banter) she would call it, and then tell me about her sexual exploits and how she gotta away with it. i told her nothing about myself, i knew what she was doing and it was painful, but now i know the signs and will not what to look for in the future. just make sure, if you hear the stories there telling you and its all about them, just keep quiet and listen carefully, there will be holes in the stories and dont give anything away, that could be used against you. luckily im a natural introvert so i was in no way going to 1up this sociopath, i know what she is now, i talked to her at work, she blends in perfectly a very busy bee and had no time for me, i told her what i thought and left, i saw her shattered face, she turned into a shrinking violet, she could not put the blame on me.

  4. Shishu says:

    My sister was married to a Sociopath/ Phycopath for 10 year. His name is Lakshman Balasubramanyam. He lied about anything and everything. Lied about his previous family/kids, having bone cancer his finances, and the list goes on. It sounds strange but he lied, falsified documents, forging signatures, involved in money scam with banks, was sacked from previous employments for fraud and dishonesty. He has also forged legal and Police documents. It is clear to me that he would carry on doing deceiving & cause harm to people and society until he is exposed. I have bundle of documentary proof against him as facts. What would be the best way to expose these Phycos?

    • Janus Abhimanyu says:

      This chap, the name and incidents sound familiar, can you please share details if you have any?

  5. Would love to expose a narcissistic sociopath who is on POF and uses that has a breeding ground to con and manipulate women who I just happen to fall victim in his sick game. Come to find out he had two felonies and a rap sheet like no other.. Plus his 3 DWI arrest as well.

  6. Being married to a female psychopath has ruined mu life. I know that because there are children involved, she is determined to make my life miserable. What is sad, is she targets my wife and step child. Sometimes I wonder if I was selfish to marry my wife. I knew that my ex psychopathic wife would probably target her. But I was so in love, it was a love I never had experienced before.
    Unlike the “love” I received from my soulless ex wife – which was conditional, and didn’t last long. She was having an affair after 1 year of marriage.
    I have gone no contact with her in order to protect my wife and step daughter from her. They are innocent in all this and have been attacked viciously by my ex wife. I know she will never leave me alone. So I just ignore her, no contact had helped a great deal

  7. Darcy Ansel says:

    I dated a sociopath for 6 years…the last 2 1/2 years he moved away and it was a long distance relationship; I thank GOD for that as I distanced myself from him as I could then see his sociopathic tendencies more easily. He, Sean Patrick Kennedy Hill, was an actor, in every sense of the word. He evidently had at least one more relationship at the same time. He is the biggest liar, con man, cheater, I have ever known. Owes so many people money and doesn’t care about anything but himself. Quite the charmer, he is. Good Looking too…a real predator. Sociopaths are monsters, they really aren’t human as they cannot sympathize or understand the heart of a person, no empathy, that’s what makes a human a human. Oh, and he has many alias… all similar to his name….that is another sign of a sociopath…its harder to keep track of them when they have different names. Well, I feel sorry for the young girl he is with now; I told what he is, but she doesn’t want to believe it..so, her life will be miserable until she figures it out. I’m sure he will financially ruin her. If you meet a sociopath, run as fast as you can……

    • MovinoninMA says:

      Funny…I googled Sean Patrick Kennedy Hill to see if i could find any news on him FINALLY getting his (BTW Kennedy not even his real name… he made up some story that he was related to THE Kennedys. I met some of his family). Yep, this sociopath scammed me out of THOUSANDS! Honestly, I hope the poor girl he is supposedly engaged to now-initials D.M. SOMEHOW finds out his HUGE web of lies (naturally this is the same girl he warned me was OBSESSED with HIM and if she ever called me not to believe a word she said-he wasn’t the least bit attracted to her and she couldn’t get that through her thick head). I was just getting out of a VERY unhappy marriage when i met him on a cruise and know I was easy prey at the time. One thing he did was he claimed he wanted to help me get out from under some debt and so i gave him money to buy a classic car ( which he said he would fix up for me )…another failed business/ scam he runs. Of course I never got the car nor the thousands which I was told I would receive back in 30 days when he signed some deals. He claimed he just needed to pay some bills for his (eventually) FAILED “movie studio”in Fl.. 3 years later still waiting for my car and haven’t received ONE penny. I could go ON and ON detailing his lies Darcy-we should compare notes. I would LOVE to take him to court but frankly I think Karma will be a far worse punishment for this pathetic excuse for a man. I’m sorry he did this to you. Sadly, I KNOW we’re not alone. He’s very sick.

    • I’m not sure where the comment I left last night went BUT D’Arcy I too was scammed and lied to repeatedly by Sean Patrick Hill (Kennedy was added for effect apparently AND not because he is related to THE Kennedys as he claimed to me when I met him 3+ years ago. Yep, dated him and used me too. Stole THOUSANDS from me. I could tell you SOOOOOO many stories…we should compare notes. I just hope that poor girl he is engaged to wakes up and spares herself a lifetime of pain (he used to tell me about her and warned me that if she ever contacted me I shouldn’t believe a word she says because she’said just a “kid that’she obsessed with him” and that he wasn’the attracted to her at all). He’s a a failure with his car business and “movie studio” and a VERY sick individual… a true sociopath. I’m sorry he did this to you as well😦 . My only gratification is that I am certain Karma will have it’set way with this pathe tickets excuse for a man.

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